Meet the team

Greg spent the last decade in B2B SaaS working in sales, success, and marketing at AI companies like Gong and Jasper.  

Greg Mayer

Cofounder / CEO

Alex is currently Director of Software Engineering at a leading CPG startup and was drawn to Wysper to satisfy a growing obsession with AI.

Alex Sokolov

Cofounder / CTO

1. Podcasts are the next great medium of communication.
2. AI will not take your job. Marketers using AI will.
3. Create beautiful things that people love.

Why we started Wysper
We believe in the power of podcasts and audio, but until now, we've been looking at them the wrong way.

Podcasts were often seen as a top of funnel marketing channel that helped build brand awareness, but little else.

Almost no software companies had made money in the podcasting industry, and the bulk of advertising revenue went to small minority of creators.

We believe that they way creators and companies should approach podcasting has fundamentally changed with the advancement of AI, and they should be seen as a content hub, rather than a marketing channel.

What is a content hub?
A content hub is where you create the bulk of your content, and repurpose it for the tried and true marketing channels that you rely on to drive results (pipeline, revenue, subscriptions, and so on).

With the "Hub & Spoke" model of content, you create long-form content that can be broken down into evergreen content, saving you hundreds of hours.

Speaking into a microphone is effortless. We can sit down and speak for hours without realizing, letting our ideas flow and sparking new thoughts and perspectives.

We see this is as the future of content creation, and we wanted to help drive that change.