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Save time and increase engagement by converting audio like podcasts and webinars into written content with one click.

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All the content you need in
one click.

Save time by turning your audio into written content formatted for every marketing channel.
Show Notes & Summaries
Automate post production assets
Speaker separated transcripts with 99% accuracy.
Time stamps
Get timestamps formatted for YouTube and Spotify
Ad Copy
Copy for Google and FB ads
Create newsletter and email content
Blog Posts
Blogs and articles that rank
Social Posts
Twitter threads, LinkedIn posts, shareable quotes
Translate into 95+ languages to expand your audience

One audio file = endless content

Upload YouTube videos, webinars, customer interviews, and more.
Any YouTube URL or audio file works (M4A, MP3, MPEG, MPGA, WAV, and WEBM)
If you want to edit your content, you can chat with Wysper to regenerate the content how you’d like it.
Once your content is ready to go, publish to your existing marketing channels to drive growth.

Simple pricing.

Yearly SAVE 40%
3 hours per month (200 minutes)
AIl AI outputs
Unlimited AI Chat
Save generated content forever
10 hours per month (600 minutes)
All AI  outputs
Unlimited AI chat
Save generated content forever
Custom Outputs
30 hours per month (1800 minutes)
Advanced AI outputs
Unlimited AI chat
Save generated content forever
Custom Outputs

Get more out of your audio content

Save time

Automate 80% of your content workflow and save 20+ hours per week creating content.

Grow your audience

Grow your audience across platforms by making your content easier to consume and discover.

Increase engagement

Increase your presence across all platforms and give users multiple ways to engage with your content.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Wysper?
Wysper is a Podcast Content Engine that converts audio into amazing content with one click. We believe that podcasts should be more than just a top of funnel brand awareness channel. We believe that podcasts should be where you generate content for all of your other channels to help grow your audience and revenue in less time.
Who is Wysper for?
For businesses and podcasters that are spending thousands of hours producing podcasts, Wysper helps them get the most out of their podcast by automating the content creation process.
What are common use-cases?
1. Automate post-production workflow: Automatically generate show notes, summaries, transcripts, time stamps, and SRT.

2. Content Creation: Convert audio from podcasts, webinars, customer interviews, and more into content formatted for email, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.
What audio file types can Wysper transcribe?
Wysper transcribes any standard audio format (mp3, mpeg, mpga, m4a, or webm, .wav, MP4, MOV, AVI).

Wysper also allows you to upload audio by entering any YouTube URL.
How long does it take?
Transcription time depends on the length of the audio file and can take up to 15 minutes. The is no limit to the length of the file you can upload, as long as you have enough transcription credits in your account.
How accurate is Wysper’s transcription?
Wysper's transcriptions are 99% accurate using the world's leading AI transcription models. This includes a formatted, speaker separated transcript.
What languages does Wysper support?
Wysper automatically detects and transcribes English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.
Let us know if you want us to add your language!

Once the content is generated, you can translate into 95+ languages using our AI Chat to expand your audience.