Wysper FAQs

Everything you need to know to start using Wysper
What is Wysper?
Wysper is a Podcast Content Engine that converts audio into amazing content with one click. We believe that podcasts should be more than just a top of funnel brand awareness channel. We believe that podcasts should be where you generate content for all of your other channels to help grow your audience and revenue in less time.
Who is Wysper for?
Wysper is for marketing teams and podcasters that are spending thousands of hours producing podcasts, and want to produce more content from every episode in less time.
What types of audio content can you upload?
Wysper can turn any type of audio into written content. No podcast, no problem!

Here are the 5 most common forms of audio that users turn into content:

1) Podcasts
2) Webinars
3) Customer interviews
4) Keynote speeches
5) Sales calls
What are the most common use-cases?
Here are the 5 most common use-cases: Users turn to Wysper Wysper works with any type of audio. Here are the 5 most common forms of audio that users turn into content:

1.) SEO: Using podcast content to generate SEO blogs in 50% less time.
2.) Grow Social Audience: Grow your audience across platforms by consistently producing content in less time.
3.) Grow your Podcast Audience: Provide a better experience for listeners by providing summaries, show notes, and timestamps.
4.) Newsletter: Users want more ways to consume your content. Newsletter provide a great way to engage with your audience and convert them to your revenue generating products, services, or affiliates.
5.) Media Kits: Want to make it easier for guests to share content from your episode? Generate a media kit for every episode.
What audio file types can Wysper transcribe?
Wysper transcribes any standard audio format (mp3, mpeg, mpga, m4a, or webm, MOV, AVI).

Wysper also allows you to upload audio by entering any YouTube URL.
How long can the audio files be?
There is currently no limit to audio file length, and purely depends on the volume of the plan you choose.
How long does it take?
Upload times depend on how long your audio content is. It should only take a few minutes, but could take up to 10 minutes for longer audio files.

Once you click Upload, Wysper will let you know an approximate time needed to transcribe your podcast.

You can leave this page and Wysper will still upload your file and add it to the "Content" tab once it's complete.
How accurate is Wysper’s transcription?
Wysper's transcriptions are 99% accurate using the world's leading AI transcription models. This includes a formatted, speaker separated transcript, and anSRT formatted transcript.
How do I know when my content is ready?
Wysper will let you know when your content is ready! If you leave the Generate tab, it will appear in your "Content" tab once it's ready.
What outputs does Wysper create?
Wysper will automatically transcribe and generate the following outputs:
1. Formatted Transcript
2. Show notes
3. Summary
4. Timestamps
5. Blog
6. Twitter thread
7. LinkedIn post
8. Newsletter
9. SRT transcript (for captions)
10. Titles
11. Ad Copy

You can also create custom outputs based on exactly what you need.
What languages does Wysper transcribe?
Wysper automatically detects and transcribes English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Once it's uploaded, you can translate content into 95+ languages using our AI chat.
Custom Prompts (Beta)
We recently launched our custom prompt functionality, which allows you to create customized content outputs based on the transcript.

All you need to do is select "Create New Output" and provide Wysper with a highly specific prompt based on what you're looking for.
Crafting the perfect prompt
We’re still in a phase of generative AI where the quality of your outputs depends on the quality of your prompts.

Use this framework to craft the perfect prompt every time:
Simulate persona — Provide the AI with perspective. It helps it get “in character”.
Task — Be specific about what you want it to perform.
Constraints — Provide direction on how you want it to complete the task.
Tone — Give it direction on how you want it to sounds, and how you want to make the reader feel.
Audience — This helps the AI understand who its for.
Context — This tells the AI more about who they’re writing for.

Example 👇
"Act as an expert in real estate. Write a 250 word email about how to generate interest in a property in an informative and knowledgable tone for an audience of real estate agents who need to sell more homes in difficult market conditions."
Wypser Chat - Tuning your outputs
To chat with Wysper - click into the output by selecting "See more & Tune". There you'll see the chat bar where you can ask Wysper to rewrite, fine-tune, translate, or generate new content.

TIP: You can click out of this view while it's processing and your content will automatically update once Wysper is don rewriting your content

So what's their to chat about?
- Translate content into 95+ languages
- Rewrite and restructure content (Add bullet points, emojis)
- Change tone, voice, and style of content
- Generate new content and variations