How to get more out of your podcast in 2024
January 17, 2024

Let’s face it… You could be getting so much more out of your podcast.

There are ~3 million podcasts out there. 44% of those have less than 3 episodes. Only 24% (700k) have more than 10 episodes.

There’s a graveyard of B2B podcasts that grows every year.

So why do so many companies abandon their podcast?

Return on investment.

Companies report that podcasts take 5+ hours to produce, and expect it to perform like every other marketing channel.

There needs to be a shift perspective from: Channel → Content hub

The goal should not be downloads or leads. 

The goal should be, "How many pieces of content can we generate from a single episode."

This is where you should generate your best content for your proven marketing channels

- Blog / SEO

- Social – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

- Community

- Ad Copy 

- Newsletters

Podcasts are a compounding asset. Let it grow organically over time, but get the most out of it now. 

You're essentially warming up your audience to get them to the point where they will actually become a regular listener of your content — and a customer.

How to accelerate content creation with your podcast in 2024: 

Simply upload an audio file or YouTube video into Wysper, and it will automatically transcribe your audio into written content formatted for every platform. 

This lets you automate your post-product content creation process – show notes, summaries, time stamps, formatted transcripts, and more. 

More importantly, you can accelerate content creation for other marketing channels like newsletters, SEO blogs, social posts, ad copy – you name it. 

What to look for in a podcast transcription and repurposing tool:

- High transcription accuracy

- Quality content outputs

- Flexibility – features like AI chat allow you to rewrite and generate endless content with one audio file.  

- Translation – Using AI to transcribe and translate your content into new languages is a great way to expand your audience in 2024. 

So what are you waiting for?

Try a 7-day free trial of Wysper to get your feet wet -- Sign up here

-Greg - Founder @


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