Podcast Spotlight: AI-Curious "How to (Actually) Use AI in Your Day-to-Day Life, w: Catalist AI co-founder Sam Stevens"
February 14, 2024

In this series we break down our favorite podcast episodes on marketing and AI.

This episode is from AI Curious – a podcast hosted by Jeff Wilser where he discusses practical applications of AI. In this episode, Jeff interviews Sam Stevens, Cofounder of Catalist AI, who shares practical ways she incorporates tools like ChatGPT into her daily work and life.

Here are four ways you can start using AI in your day-to-day life... let's dive in.

1. Use ChatGPT as a thought partner to bounce ideas off of and refine explanations

Ask questions like, does this explanation sense? Does this analogy work? The back and forth helps crystallize thinking. 

“I use it to help me kind of frame my thinking and explore an idea to really help me hone it down and distill it.”

2. Let AI schedule your day by analyzing your to-do list and calendar 

We tend to be really bad at prioritization and time management, but it turns out AI is really good at this because it looks at tasks objectively. Using ChatGPT to help prioritize and schedule can optimize your time and reduce stress. 

“I'll tell ChatGPT, ‘here's my energy levels throughout the day. I'm really not a morning person. I do most of my deep thinking between 04:00 p.m. And 08:00 p.m.’ And I'll tell it all of these things about myself and then give it the data from my to-do list and calendar, and let it help me create that time block schedule.”

3. Set actionable goals and create plans with AI

Another thing we’re not great at is setting achievable goals and creating actionable plans to accomplish them. This is a great use-case for AI in your day to day because you can start with an end goal, and use AI to work backwards with a plan. Provide all the context as if you’re asking your assistant to do this: timeline, resources, constraints, key milestones, etc, and ask, “what do I need to achieve every single day or every single week to make sure that I hit the milestones and then hit my ultimate goal.

“Another thing humans are really bad at is creating actionable, achievable goals. There are entire courses and blogs and books on smart goals and how to set goals and how to break those down into measurable steps and all of these things.”

4. Improve your resume and LinkedIn profile

Self-promotion can feel icky, and let’s face it, most of us aren’t great at it.  Let AI be your biggest advocate by uploading your resume or even bullet points of your experience, and asking it to help write your resume or LinkedIn bio. Make sure you ask it to effectively communicate specific skills and the impacts of your projects.

“use it to help you get better at talking about yourself and positioning your experiences in a positive light, when a lot of people are just really, really bad at that sort of self marketing or self positioning.”   

These are just a few examples of how you could be making your life easier by using AI as your assistant. If you feel stuck with using AI, a good place to start is by asking yourself, “if I had a personal assistant, what would I want them to help me with?”

To hear more on the practical ways AI can transform your work and life, check out the full podcast

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